Like love, at least 50% of eating takes place in your head. And if that head is filled with the knowledge that stuff which is fresh and contains no sugar or complex e-numbers is good for you, then you’ll no doubt make a beeline for Boost.

It’s like fast food in that you get it pretty much straight away and it fills you up, but unlike fast food it’s not dripping in sugar and calories. Most importantly, it tastes great.  All sorts of tantalising combinations are whipped up: avocado and mango; coconut milk and oat flakes; spinach and apple. Some with the added heat (and health benefits) of ginger, others with a sprinkling of chia seeds.  Boost drinks are full of energy, both literally and figuratively. 

The company’s slogan, ‘Love life’, encapsulate everything they’re about. Love away!

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