When you hear the word ‘puff’, it immediately conjures up something nice and fluffy. And for good reason: when you get that hint of icing sugar on the edge of your tongue, you know you’re onto a winner. These light and airy biscuit balls come with a distinct French vibe to them. You know they’re a sweet treat, but there’s no way they’ll make you fat, right? So you can drop the ‘guilty’ from guilty pleasure!

Each puff is topped with a swirl of vanilla or whipped cream, or half a strawberry, while inside you’ll find all sorts – blueberries, salted caramel, coffee cream... The list goes on. Biting into one gives a whole new meaning to ‘sweet tooth’! They offer all manner of waffles and eclairs as well, and savoury croissants.

Tempted? You should be. Try them for yourself!

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