Remember that time you needed 10 children’s umbrellas in yellow right away and there was nothing online that would have arrived in time, but Koduekstra saved the day? And that other time when you needed a little mat for your bathroom but the ones you saw in the other stores were all the same and didn’t stand out in any way, and okay, a bathmat doesn’t have to stand out, but it’s nice if it does, and you found just the sort you were looking for at Koduekstra? Now you’re greeted every morning as you brush your teeth with the words ‘Hello beautiful!’

That’s the thing with Koduekstra: you can be sure that whatever it is you need, from slippers to sewing kits and from holdalls to hand soap, 99 times out of 100 they’ll have it. And that it’ll be eye-catching or with a fun twist.

Bear that – and the fact that ours is the only Koduekstra store in the city centre – in mind next time you need something. They’ve got that market cornered!

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