Smartpost Itella


Let’s be honest – parcel terminals don’t seem all that exciting at first glance. You press a few buttons and pop your package in the locker, or pick up the one that’s waiting for you, and that’s about it. And yet those few brief moments you spend at the terminal can be the highlight of your day.

After all, most people use the terminals to collect something they’ve been excitedly waiting for (say, a new pair of shoes they didn’t have to trawl through every shopping centre in the city for) or to post off something special (a tin of biscuits they made for their granny – who still lives in the back of beyond at the other end of the country – which are almost still warm when they reach her).

So next time you’re standing in front of a blue-and-white Smartpost terminal, soak up the sense of delight that comes from giving and receiving. Parcel terminals will never seem unexciting again!

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