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There’s a lot of love for design and function at Solaris. We’re big on innovation too, which is why we’ve jumped on the latest big idea – smart laundry lockers! They mightn’t win any design awards, but they’ve definitely got designs on making your life easier.

You’re no doubt used to parcel terminals, which these days you can even have over-the-counter medications and groceries delivered to, as well as sending stuff on its way yourself. Well, now there are lockers for your dirty laundry! Yep, you read right: whether your bedsheets need a good scrub or your winter coat a thorough dry-clean, pop them in the locker and hey presto, they’ll be back with you before you know it, all clean and fresh.

Make the most of it! Think of it as your contribution to the success of yet another unicorn on the Estonian start-up scene.

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