WAB. Stands for ‘we are beautiful’. Because WAB’s clothes make you look beautiful. Which is cool in and of itself, but there’s more to it than that: you might say WAB offers brands that engage the wearer in... dialogue? That’s probably the most accurate way to describe it. Some dresses show you how to be more self-assured, their puffed sleeves making you more assertive without having to utter a word. Others cling to you like a second skin, highlighting your feminine charms. Then there’s the men’s range. Take the light summer shirts, which imbue a new sort of masculinity – one which has had the rough edges smoothed off it. Incidentally, you’re unlikely to find the brands on offer at WAB anywhere else in Estonia. It sells a wide range of accessories, too: shoes, bags and earrings. It’s like the store operates on a higher frequency.

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