Every woman has no doubt heard at some point in her life that she dresses the way she does to please men – especially when it comes to underwear. A woman only need don a slightly frillier or fancier pair of panties for people to start jumping to conclusions.

Like, what sort of fairytale world is she living in? But women wear lingerie for one person and one person only: themselves. Sure, that might be a skimpy red bra that makes them feel more feminine, but equally it could be a cosy flannelette cami worn solely for comfort, or a playful pair of superhero pyjamas. Then there are pieces designed to lift and conceal, and they’re perfectly okay as well.

But where that choice starts and ends is entirely up to the woman in question. Women’secret caters to this, offering something for every occasion. The team at the store are as good at divining your needs as they are at keeping your secrets. 

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