In many countries, people associate the word ‘kiosk’ with newspapers and magazines, but here in Estonia the definition is rather more broad. The ubiquitous R-Kiosk does sell the day’s papers, sure, but it’s more of a place to pop into for a snack on the go. Arguably, there’s no quicker bite to be had anywhere in Solaris. 

As it’s right by the centre’s middle door, you’re unlikely to miss it. Grab what you want, tap your card (or pay in cash, if you prefer) and you’re good to go – whether that’s making a dash for the bus, heading back to the office or setting off on a stroll.

Take your pick of the light bites on offer: sandwiches, salads and warm snacks, including pastas and soups. There’s good coffee, too, and cake to go with it. 

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