Reval Gelato


There’s something inviting about the word ‘gelato’, isn’t there? And it’s so easy to pronounce, even if you don’t speak a word of Italian. The very concept brings to mind carefree summers, people paddling in fountains, women in stilettos and men with fire in their eyes. Pizza, cappuccino, gelato...

And gelato, of course, is no ordinary ice cream – it’s slightly icier, but also light and airy, dense and yet silky smooth. Whereas most ice creams, as the name suggests, are made from cream, gelato is made from milk, making it much less of a guilty pleasure. 

Reval Gelato mixes Italian tradition with Nordic passion, presenting a palette of beautiful colours (even in the little cups the gelato comes in) and delicious flavours. Try the classic pistachio – the most popular flavour by far – and timeless mango, or something more seasonal like midsummer blackcurrant. 

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