Samsa Family Bakers

You’ll no doubt have heard that Tallinn’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Estonia’s national song and dance celebrations are also heritage-listed, as is the leelo folk song culture of Setomaa. What you might not know is that right here in Tallinn you can also enjoy UNESCO-recognised cuisine – namely, traditional pilaff from Uzbekistan.

The amazing Samsa Family Bakers have set up shop in Solaris, offering the very best of Uzbek cooking, all of it imbued with its people’s hospitality and enriched through techniques dating back hundreds of years.

The eatery takes its name from the samsa, the flaky pastry Uzbekistan is known for, stuffed with meat and vegetables (or something sweeter, like raspberries) and baked in a special oven to give it just the right flavour.

There’s something quite different about the samsa, compared to the pastries Estonian grandmothers tend to make. Not to say that they’re worse, of course! Not in the slightest. Just that the samsa has more of a recognisable Central Asian temperament and aftertaste.

Try it for yourself!

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