Tokumaru is the long-serving Japanese ambassador to Solaris. Discreetly tucked away atop the Apollo cinema ticket counter, it showcases a cross-section of Japanese food culture (which, incidentally, has been awarded world heritage status by UNESCO). Few places in the world enjoy indigenous cuisine that guarantees a long life, but Japan is one of them.

Everything starts with quality ingredients, which are combined for peak flavour and complemented by impeccable service. Needless to say one of the best-known Japanese dishes, ramen, can be found on the menu, the broth for which is allowed to boil away in the restaurant’s kitchens for hours before serving. There’s also a wide range of sushi and don dishes to choose from. 

The atmosphere and authentic setting are likely to make you forget you’re eating in the middle of a shopping centre. The enormous windows sealing you in from the outside world and the steaming bowl of noodle soup on the table in front of you will push all of your workaday concerns to the very back of your mind.

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