With 20 years of operations under its belt, Vapiano now has more than 200 restaurants around the world, including two in Tallinn.

One of them is right here in Solaris. Italian in flavour, the restaurant is based around an eye-to-eye concept where dishes are prepared right in front of the customers who order them. If you opt for pasta, for example, you get to choose which type, and whether you want garlic or chilli with it. Everything’s whipped up while you wait in a visual and olfactory whetting of the appetite. If you fancy something a little lighter, you can try the antipasti, or one of the starters or salads, or skip straight to dessert: from tomato soup to tiramisù, the choice is yours. Vapiano’s cappuccino is said to be one of the best in Solaris, too.

Split over three levels, there’s space for everyone – those who like a livelier atmosphere, those who enjoy taking things a little more slowly, and those who value their privacy. 

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You can find us on floor 2
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