Apollo Cinema

Studies have shown that cinema is more than just a form of entertainment: it has the power to educate and consolidate, too. Films help people make sense of the world. They can torpedo stereotypes, overturn preconceived notions and chip away at prejudices. There’s an argument to be made that cinema speaks to people more than anything else. 

There’s the films themselves, of course – the camerawork, the lighting, the incidental music – but there’s also the cinema seats and the surround sound and the mountains and mountains of popcorn. All of these things play a part in an unforgettable cinema experience. 

The seven screens at the Apollo cinema at Solaris offer comfy seats and feel anything but stuffy. Enjoy the aforementioned popcorn and a soft drink with your film, or warm yourself up with a hot cup of coffee. Screenings start mid-morning and run through to around midnight. Tickets are available online and on site, with discounts for regular cinema-goers. 

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