Although some people treat modern medicines with a dose of scepticism, most of us still cough up for painkillers and the like from time to time. There are likely very few people who’ve never set foot inside a pharmacy – all the more so nowadays when they dispense more than just drugs. You’ll normally find they also sell beauty and health products, neither of which require prescriptions. Food additives, sun block, band-aids, herbal teas... It’s not all headache pills and throat lozenges. In Apotheka pharmacies, moreover, you can even do skin tests and have your blood pressure checked. With basic testing covered, this means you mightn’t even have to see your doctor, since you can get everything done for you at the pharmacy.

You can make the most of special offers and campaigns as well, or simply pop in and have a browse even if your medicine cabinet isn’t in immediate need of restocking.

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