It’s like stepping into a disco dreamscape: an explosion of colour that sets your pulse racing while reassuring you that everything’s going to be just fine. There’s an American vibe to the place, not surprisingly, sinceits shelves are stacked with sweets from across the Atlantic (plus a few from elsewhere).Take Reese’s, that iconic combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate that’s been filling the lunchboxes of American kids for the better part of a century. Then there are marshmallows –not just ordinary ones either, but marshmallow in a tube to spread on bread. You’ll no doubt recognise Chupa Chups, too, but perhaps not like this: they must have melted, because they’re available from Candy POP in liquid form! Andplenty more.The sensory overload might set your head spinning at first, but daily (or at least weekly) visits to the store as you try everything it has to offer will soon see you acclimatise to it. It’s only a few steps from the centre’s main entrance aswell. So pop in, grab yourself a treat and make your day just that little bit sweeter!

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