There probably isn't a person who doesn't have a pair of jeans in their closet. In the early days of jeans, they were worn by rebellious men from the wild west, but today everyone wears them – from toddlers to grandpas. Almost every brand - from fast fashion to haute couture - has jeans in their collection, but :EST DESIGN is a bit more unique.

What makes them special is that they embody the Estonian dream. Did you notice the wordplay :est? The beginning is an internationally recognizable abbreviation for our beloved Estonia, and of course, it hints that the products originate right here. Designed here, stitched together here, specifically for the local customer.

Made of pure cotton, no chemicals or synthetics against the skin. In addition to jeans, :EST DISAIN sells also hoodies, shirts, and accessories.

We have our own sweets (Kalev), our own media (ERR), our own cosmetics (Joik), and now our own jeans (:est design).

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