Flying Tiger Copenhagen


You’ve probably noticed that people remember stuff that stands out. Quirkiness prompts a response in them. Anything that elicits a chuckle can really lift your spirits. Some shops make this an integral part of their business model. Anything that could be labelled ‘average’ or ‘boring’ is absent from their shelves. Their stores are the kind that passers-by step into and immediately decide to catch the bus that comes in 20 minutes, not the one that’s due in two. There’s so much to explore!

Given the store’s name is ‘Flying Tiger’, you might be surprised to discover that it showcases Danish design. It confidently claims to offer things you never knew you needed. 

A vase shaped like half an egg shell? Of course you’ve always wanted one! Oh, that’s a backscratcher? Go on then. A mini-basketball hoop and set of balls to pass the time in the loo? How have you survived so long without one!

And that’s just a taste of what you’ll find in store, pretty much all of which comes in bright colours with a playful touch to it that’s sure to raise a smile.

Flying Tiger is your go-to store whether you need stuff for a kid’s party, you’re looking for a fun gift for a friend or just want to treat yourself. Every visit is a guaranteed mood boost, whether you buy something or not! (Most people do end up buying something though – at these prices, who wouldn’t!)

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