Mon-Sun 24/7

“As I’m making my way home from the gym I often find myself smiling for no reason. My head’s, like, overloaded with happy thoughts. Everyone I see looks amazing. Every bit of graffiti holds the meaning of life. And everything that was weighing me down has been lifted clear away.”

So speaks a veteran of the gym circuit, describing the sort of feeling it takes others hundreds of hours in a therapist’s chair to achieve, or that’s only matched by being head over heels in love. Some never attain it.

In that sense, viewing a workout as solely being good for your body is to look at it one-eyed – a gym can be a place you find your people, giving you a sense of belonging as well as achievement on top of an unparalleled hit of dopamine.

Just such a place had been sorely lacking at Solaris, but not anymore: Gym! has opened its doors on Rävala Avenue, right next to the concert hall! It’s open 24/7, all for the price of three or four coffees a month.

And Gym! has an exclamation mark in its name for a reason – working out here is something you’ll want to shout about!

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