We’re not sure anyone’s ever looked into it, but we’d bet anything that most people famous for their ‘Instahomes’ are regular customers at Hemtex. Estonian interiors are dominated by tasteful Scandinavian style, which this store offers in spades. The design language it speaks varies from item to item: some have a more masculine tone, while others are more romantic or embrace a child-like playfulness.

The in-store displays are themselves a source of inspiration. The eye for detail, the ‘less is more’ attitude and the ability to mix and match colours and accessories will leave you feeling like you’re walking through the pages of a magazine.

There can never be too much interior design. Like the seasons, both our moods and our needs change, and Hemtex is here to help. Sometimes all it takes is a new table runner, or a different-coloured candle, or a perfectly soft cushion. 

Hemtex knows that sometimes it’s small but important things like this that make a home a home.

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