Solaris flower store


You probably think a flower is a flower is a flower, right? How different can they possibly be? The answer is: very. It’s not often that someone steps into a florist’s with a specific bunch of flowers in mind. They tend to need a bit of advice. 

Like, do men even give women flowers these days or isn’t it the done thing anymore? Aren’t carnations a bit old-fashioned? And which ones will last longest with the least care? Then, even when you’ve decided which flowers to buy, there’s the bow to tie them with, the greenery to match them with and the card to attach to them. 

The ladies at the flower store in Solaris can help you with all of this. The company’s been going for 25 years, so they know what they’re doing. They can deliver the flowers for you as well, or have them delivered, even internationally. They put together everything from joyful wedding bouquets to tasteful funeral wreaths. All of their floral arrangements can be paired with extra gifts, like chocolates or cognac. An all-in-one service is guaranteed.

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