They say ladies shop at Nõmme Market for shrimp for their cats. Customers at Solaris, on the other hand, shop for their pets at Urr&Nurr. Not that their intentions are any different – they want to pamper their four-legged friends every bit as much. This is no ordinary pet supplies outlet, however, but a lifestyle store at which your pets themselves are more than welcome to browse the treats and toys on offer. 

There are dozens of brands to choose from to suit every budget. However many legs (and/or wings) your pet has, Urr&Nurr offers a Noah’s arkful of products – from something to eat to somewhere to sleep, animal-friendly massage oils to electric nail clippers, puppy pee wipes to cat dandruff shampoo. 

There’s nothing your pets will need in their lives that the store doesn’t offer. And the staff are all such animal lovers that they’ll be happy to help if your pet has gone off their food or is acting out. Just ask for their advice! 

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